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09 Sep

The Importance of Holding Bonds

Equities are the star performers in a typical investment portfolio. They can bring rapid growth and heavy losses, sometimes in the same day. We read about their fortunes in the newspaper and anyone with an interest in such things has an opinion on them. They...

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05 Sep

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a…

Life is full of problems, yet how do you respond to them? Do you feel able to walk through the pain you experience, or does it overwhelm you? If you are interested in learning how to navigate the world of human suffering, hardship and problems...

01 Sep

The Happy Secret to Better Work

What could be the key to making you more productive? How do you become more creative and more able to engage in problem solving? The answer, according to Shaun Anchor, is to learn how to engage regularly in positive psychology. This might sound “fluffy” but consider...

Remaining Invested
27 Jul

The Importance of Remaining Invested

Coronavirus has triggered the greatest economic uncertainty of our generation. It has affected everyone to some degree, and it is not over yet. It was inevitable that the virus would have some impact on investment markets. Not only does a global crisis damage investor confidence, but...

Investment Risk and Reward
27 Jul

Risk and Reward

Risk means different things to different people. For some, it can mean excitement and thrills. For others, it just means danger and is best avoided. In the context of investments, risk is something that we work with on a daily basis. We can’t avoid it entirely,...

Impact of coronavirus COVID-19 on the global economy, financial crisis.
27 May

Global Pandemics and the Case for Sustainable Investing

Remember a time before COVID-19? Gridlocked motorways, crowded high streets, fast fashion and discount air travel were simply a way of life. The economy was thriving and consumers had endless choice. Global warming has been a concern for many years, but until recently, environmental issues were the...

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27 May

Introducing Trails™ Ethical

Ethical investing is no longer just an ‘alternative.’ As populations grow and as society demands it, companies have to adapt to more sustainable models to survive. We have access to more information than ever to make responsible consumer and investment decisions. It is possible to invest...