01 Sep

The Happy Secret to Better Work

What could be the key to making you more productive? How do you become more creative and more able to engage in problem solving? The answer, according to Shaun Anchor, is to learn how to engage regularly in positive psychology. This might sound “fluffy” but consider...

24 Mar

Video: Staying in the Market

David finds that spending time getting to know what is important to his clients helps to provide reassurance when funds take a dip in value. In the difficult market conditions of 2008/09, a lot of clients ‘bailed out’ of the market. To do this was not...

22 Nov

Video: Controlling What you Can Control

In this video, we see David Butler describe a scenario where his broker encourages him to buy shares on the basis that the share value should increase. This type of broker discretionary relationship has not always been successful for the client; if the predicted...