“I aspire to give people peace of mind through organising their finances and giving them a strategy to achieve their goals. My aim is to remove the complexity and provide confidence and focus; to create financial security by putting people back in control of their financial future.”
Paul Cleworth – Managing Director

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For us at Tandem, we love our work as financial planners. We do what we do because it’s one of the few professions where you can genuinely make a profound difference to the people you work with. We are constantly learning because the rules change and our clients’ lives change. We aspire to give you peace of mind through organising your finances and giving you a strategy to achieve your goals.

Once you know your path – once you have fully understood where you are heading and, ideally, how long it should take – then all you really need are the clear, steady stepping stones that will allow you to get there.

“Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.” Lyndon Johnson

Our client promise

In short, we will treat you the way we like to be treated ourselves. Our pledge to you is:

  • Our best and clearest advice
  • Uncompromising professionalism
  • Unparalleled service excellence
  • Coherent communication
  • The highest integrity and honesty
  • Absolute client confidentiality
  • Complete transparency and openness
  • The highest possible level of compliance
  • Total fairness in all our dealings

Family values

I’m blessed with two little boys whom I love to bits. I want nothing more than for them to be happy, healthy and confident. As parents, we want to help develop confidence in our children. But it’s more a state of mind than a set of rules to learn.  Positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost our confidence levels. We want to talk to you, improve your knowledge and understanding of your financial position and help you feel confident about where you are heading.

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being. At Tandem we want to give you those feelings whilst we apply the principles of family values. We want you to be confident enough to ask us questions and be able to trust our advice. A trusting, supportive relationship flows from there.

We want to focus on our relationship with you and allow more time discussing your unique goals and dreams. We want to be available more to assist you and take away any financial concerns you have so that you are free to really enjoy the journey.

“Great things are done by a series
of small things brought together.”
Vincent Van Gogh

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