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Impact of coronavirus COVID-19 on the global economy, financial crisis.
27 May

Global Pandemics and the Case for Sustainable Investing

Remember a time before COVID-19? Gridlocked motorways, crowded high streets, fast fashion and discount air travel were simply a way of life. The economy was thriving and consumers had endless choice. Global warming has been a concern for many years, but until recently, environmental issues were the...

View from the A4061 over Braich-Yr-hydd, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK
27 May

Introducing Trails™ Ethical

Ethical investing is no longer just an ‘alternative.’ As populations grow and as society demands it, companies have to adapt to more sustainable models to survive. We have access to more information than ever to make responsible consumer and investment decisions. It is possible to invest...

30 Mar

Planning your Isolation

The world seems to be pressing pause at present, in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic. We are on lockdown and the future is unclear. These are strange and uncertain times, and it isn’t unreasonable to be confused, concerned or even a little overwhelmed...

24 Mar

Being Bold in Uncertain Times

‘When others are fearful be greedy and when others are greedy, be fearful.’ This quote from Warren Buffett underpins his investment strategy, and is a useful motto to fall back on in times of crisis. Financial markets have fallen by up to a third at the time...

24 Mar

Video: Staying in the Market

David finds that spending time getting to know what is important to his clients helps to provide reassurance when funds take a dip in value. In the difficult market conditions of 2008/09, a lot of clients ‘bailed out’ of the market. To do this was not...