Author: Paul Cleworth

12 Dec

Tandem Charity Update

Thanks to the generosity of our clients who gave funds for donkeys at Third Hope, in Northern Uganda, we can now announce that they have actually arrived! They arrived two days early and in good health – a record achievement for northern Uganda! They are...

27 Jul

The Timeless Power of Diversification

If the media is to be believed, investments took a bit of a pounding in the aftermath of the UK’s vote to leave the EU. The reality couldn’t be any different, as many asset classes actually made sizeable gains in the days following the referendum...

InTandem Article
27 Jul

Interesting Times! Prepare for the ride!

‘May you live in interesting times.’ Or so goes the old Chinese curse. I couldn’t find a better expression for the current political and economic climate. In the space of two weeks since the UK voted to leave the EU, our now former Prime Minister...

27 Jul

The Changing Face of Retirement

Picture this; a big send-off party in the office and a gold watch after years of hard work. Then a few years spent playing golf and dozing in a rocking chair to look forward to. That is what retirement used to mean. Not anymore. In...