March 2021

25 Mar

Bonds: Rising Yields and Falling Prices

Bonds rarely receive the same level of attention as equities. They don’t offer the excitement of wildly fluctuating prices or rapid growth. Bonds are the more steady, stable cousin of equities, which some investors may consider a little dull. But bonds are one of four main...

25 Mar

What Your Money Habits Say About You

Money is one of the fundamental needs in modern society. Along with food, human connection, shelter, and health, it is not only essential, but inextricably tied up with our emotions. Trying to meet all of our needs in a modern society can result in anxiety...

23 Mar

The Behaviour Gap – Book Review

Why do we make foolish decisions with money? For instance, why do we tell ourselves that we will save more, only to impulsively spend £100s on a luxury item only days later? In his compelling book, “The Behaviour Gap”, Carl Richards describes the reasons behind...