November 2020

23 Nov

What to Do with Surplus Cash

Cash interest is at an historic low point, with the Bank of England base rate reducing to 0.10% in March 2020. There have even been discussions of interest rates moving into negative figures, although how this would work in practice is less clear. You may be...

19 Nov

Simon Sinek on Empathy

Simon Sinek is a famous motivational speaker and author perhaps most famous for his work on “Start With Why” - a message which encourages brands to focus on conveying their purpose to their target audiences, rather than focusing on “what they do” and “how they...

18 Nov

Think Like a Monk – Book Review

Have you noticed that many “spiritual” people seem to have access to an inner peace, sense of meaning and happiness which many of us lack? Regardless of your religious or philosophical outlook, there is much all of us can learn from different cultures and traditions...