The Happy Secret to Better Work

01 Sep The Happy Secret to Better Work

What could be the key to making you more productive? How do you become more creative and more able to engage in problem solving? The answer, according to Shaun Anchor, is to learn how to engage regularly in positive psychology.

This might sound “fluffy” but consider for a moment that research shows that people with a positive mindset generally perform better. Not only with regards to the above, but also their intelligence is raised, and they are able to cope better with life’s problems.

Shaun gives the example in this fascinating (and funny) video through his education experience at Harvard. When he spoke to people who heard of his and other students’ attendance there, the common reaction was to ask: “how could anyone attending such an amazing place possibly have any problems?” Yet Shaun’s research showed that most of his student subjects were overly focused on the negative aspects of Harvard – deadlines, social stresses and more.

It seems that humans often tend to focus their attention on the difficult aspects of their situation, even if that situation seems amazing compared to others’ experiences of life. The fascinating claim that Shuan makes is that whilst the world assumes that our external environment largely dictates our happiness (wealth, success etc.), this is not the case. Rather, most happiness comes from how we process our outside world.

How, then, can we learn to think more positively about where we find ourselves in the present moment? Here, Shaun offers five great ideas to get people started: engage in 3 gratitudes; journal your positive experiences; exercise; meditate and engage in random acts of kindness.

This short, compelling video is full of great wisdom that might just change your life. Consider giving it ten minutes of your time.