2021 – The Year Tandem Moves Carbon Positive

19 Jan 2021 – The Year Tandem Moves Carbon Positive

Last year, David Attenborough released his documentary “A Life on Our Planet” – a painful and hopeful message about how our environment has been degraded by humanity, and how we can take steps to correct it.

Here at Tandem, we want to part of the solution, not the problem. That is why we are pleased to announce that we’ve signed up to Ecologi, a carbon-reduction scheme which enables businesses like ours to join in the planting of trees. As you probably know, trees take in carbon dioxide and using the sun’s rays they produce oxygen. The process is called Photosynthesis.

Our team has decided to plant 72 trees a month + 6 trees a month in the UK via a monetary contribution to Ecologi. We have planted 138 trees already which equates to 5.3 tonnes of carbon reduction. Our target is to eradicate over 64 tonnes of carbon by the end of the year. The average carbon footprint for a year for an individual is 6.5 tonnes.* In effect we aspire to not only compensate for our own carbon footprint, we aim to become Carbon Positive.

The projects we fund through our monthly donation to Ecologi remove more greenhouse gasses than our collective carbon footprint contributes.

See our first month’s Carbon Credit Certificate above (download HERE)

Our funding is also directly impacting atmospheric CO2 levels in two global locations:

  • The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Guatemala. See HERE for details.
  • Kanungu in Uganda. See HERE for details.

If you want to join this exciting vision, then we encourage you to also consider signing up to Ecologi. You can do this HERE. Thank you for continuing to partner with us, and we look forward to continuing with you on your financial journey in 2021 and beyond!