What comes after An Inconvenient Truth?

27 May What comes after An Inconvenient Truth?

Al Gore is well-known for his outspoken views on climate change, and his Ted Talk “What Comes After An Inconvenient Truth?” is now over ten years old. Yet the seriousness of the subject matter is as timely as ever in 2020.

With impressive efficiency, Al Gore cuts through multiple aspects of climate change within a short, 10-minute window covering the shrinking, “beating heart” of the Arctic to the rapidly changing Antarctic. You can’t help but feel unnerved as he talks about the prospects of less drinking water in the future, distributed amongst a larger human population.

Yet there are encouraging moments which help us to take heart. Coal – and the idea of “clean coal” – are shown to be damaging fossil fuels, which countries such as the U.S. could replace with cleaner, “greener” alternatives.

The climate trends are shown to be worse than scientists had originally predicted, which seems to also be borne out in our experience of the past few years. Yet Al Gore’s energy in this Ted Talk helps us remember that there is still hope, and much we can do to help our planet.