Video: Staying in the Market

24 Mar Video: Staying in the Market

David finds that spending time getting to know what is important to his clients helps to provide reassurance when funds take a dip in value.

In the difficult market conditions of 2008/09, a lot of clients ‘bailed out’ of the market. To do this was not an unusual reaction at the time. But those who cashed in their investments out of fear realised losses that hindsight has proved to have been avoidable.

Having a good understanding of what is important to you, as a client, will help your adviser to look for investment opportunities that enhance your investment portfolio.

Your situation is unique, so a ‘one size suits all’ solution will not be good for everyone. Someone once said that the definition of a long term investment is a short term investment that went bad. Staying in the market through difficult times is not easy but a ‘wait and see approach’ often produces surprisingly pleasing results.