TRAILS™ important update

We constantly review our TRAILS™ funds and all of our model portfolios to make sure we have, what we consider to be the ‘best’ funds. This means sourcing funds that give us exposure to the asset class we require, the right sector, geographical region, style and investment type, all at the lowest cost, with greatest efficiency.


4 Suggested changes:

  1. Fund changes: 3 sales and 2 purchases moving total funds down from 11 to 10 funds maximum in a portfolio.
    • Sell L&G Global Inflation-Linked Bond Index Acc
    • Sell Dimensional Global Small Companies Acc
    • Sell Dimensional Emerging Markets Targeted Value Acc*
    • Buy Vanguard Global Small-Cap Index Acc
    • Buy Vanguard UK Government Bond Index Acc

    *And merge with current Dimensional Emerging Markets Core Equity Acc).

  2. Re-balance portfolio in line with its new updated target asset allocation, generally in line with World Market Capitalisation**
  3. Re-order and re-weighting of bond funds based on risk and volatility.
  4. Reducing Emerging Markets funds to one fund (currently two) and merging the proceeds of the sale of the Dimensional Emerging Markets Targeted Value fund into the Dimensional Emerging Markets Core Equity fund.


  1. Reduced annual costs with average weighted OCF (ongoing charges figure) reducing from 0.29% per annum to 0.24%, (a 17% reduction in annual fees!)
  2. Re-balanced portfolio in line with current world market cap.
  3. Bond fund allocations updated to better defend against stock market volatility and UK inflation.

Click HERE to download the in depth guide to the rationale for recommendations and FAQs.

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