TRAILS™ important update

It is that time of year again when the investment committee at Tandem review all the TRAILS™ funds in our portfolios. We met with all four investment firms (Vanguard, Dimensional, Blackrock and Legal & General) recently and conducted an in-depth review of our funds and our models.


  1. We are advising all clients invested in Legal and General All Stocks Index linked Gilt Index Trust M Acc to switch (via a sale and purchase) on a like for like basis, to the following fund: Legal and General Global Inflation Linked Bond Index I Acc.
  2. We are also recommending that all clients re-balance their portfolio/s back to the original template. Please log into TRAILS to see our FAQ article on re-balancing.


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1. If you and your spouse use the same email address, please complete and submit the form twice with each person’s first and last name.

2. After pressing submit, you will be sent an email confirming your acceptance.

3. TRAIL 7 (Speculative) does not include any bond funds, but we still ask clients invested in Speculative to tick to agree to the re-balance.

4. Should you wish to change TRAILS™ portfolio (to one higher or lower risk), you can absolutely do this and there is no charge. Please contact us at [email protected].

T: 01582 635909

E: [email protected]