TRAILS™ important update

The Tandem investment committee has diligently reviewed all of the TRAILS™ portfolios, including the current 11 funds and the asset allocation models. Our conclusions and advice are as follows:


  1. We are advising all clients to move to the new 2018 TRAILS™ model portfolios.
  2. By logging into TRAILS™ Online, you can view your new Portfolio Breakdown as well view and download other useful documents.
  3. The reason for this change, is to re-weight your portfolio in line with the current Global Stock Market Capitalisation. The current models are slightly overweight in the UK and Emerging Markets at present due to stock market gains in the last 12 months. We explain this in more detail in the Winter Bulletin, available via TRAILS™ Online.
  4. The weighted average OCF (ongoing charges figure) has come down from 0.31% to 0.29% per annum, so all clients will be better off, regarding ongoing annual fund charges.


Click HERE and log into TRAILS™ Online to find our more. Your password is at the top of the latest Winter Bulletin email.

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I agree to move my portfolio to the new 2018 TRAILS™ model portfolio as per my current risk profile. I understand that this will also serve as my annual re-balance (required).


Below are some useful guides you can download:

1. If you and your spouse use the same email address, please complete and submit the form twice with each person’s first and last name.

2. After pressing submit, you will be sent an email confirming your acceptance.

3. Should you wish to change TRAILS™ portfolio (to one higher or lower risk), you can absolutely do this and there is no charge. Please contact us to discuss.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

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