TRAILS™ important update

We constantly review our TRAILS™ funds and all of our model portfolios to make sure we have, what we consider to be the ‘best’ funds. This means sourcing funds that give us exposure to the asset class we require, the right sector, geographical region, style and investment type, all at the lowest cost, with greatest efficiency. This year we are only recommending one fund switch:


Proposed Action:

  1. Sell Dimensional Global Short Dated Bond Acc
  2. Buy Dimensional Global Core Fixed Income Acc

Since we re-balance all TRAILS™ portfolios in February, it makes sense to switch this fund at the same time.


  1. Improved potential of return using a global bond fund which can use the levers of term, credit, duration and currency to a greater extent.
  2. The new fund is not limited to A-AAA investment grade bonds but can invest in BBB and above.
  3. The new fund has a longer average maturity and uses more corporate bonds. With global interest rates low, and inflation set to possibly rise in the next few years, we want to suggest a fund that can optimise returns, rather than give cash equivalent returns.
  4. No change to the weighted average portfolio OCF (ongoing charges figure) as both Dimensional funds have the same fees. The average weighted OCF in all 7 TRAILS™ portfolios is just 0.22% per annum.

Click below to download the in-depth guide to the rationale for recommendations and FAQs. You can also download the TRAILS™ National Parks document showing all risk profiles and a Performance Analysis of all TRAILS™ portfolios over the last 22 years.

Should you wish to discuss your risk profile and/or change risk profiles, please contact us.

Click HERE to download the in depth guide to the rationale for recommendations and FAQs.

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