TED Talk: Richard St. John – Success is a continuous journey

27 Jun TED Talk: Richard St. John – Success is a continuous journey

“Why do so many people reach success and then fail?”

Richard St. John is well qualified to answer that question. A self-proclaimed average guy who found success doing what he loved, Richard St. John spent more than a decade researching the lessons of success — and distilling them into 8 words, 3 minutes and one successful book.

And his answer to the question is refreshingly simple: ‘one of the big reasons is, we think success is a one-way street. So, we do everything that leads up to success, but then we ‘get there.’ We figure we’ve made it, we sit back in our comfort zone and we actually stop doing everything that made us successful. And it doesn’t take long to go downhill! ‘And I can tell you this happens because it happened to me’ he says.

St. John spent ten years researching success and asking over 500 extraordinarily successful people in many fields what helped them succeed. After analysing, sorting, and correlating millions of words of research and building one of the most organised databases on the subject of success, he discovered “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common” and wrote the bestseller ‘8 To Be Great.’

In this 6-minute video, St John shares an incredible story of his own journey from success to failure to success. This principle of continuous self-improvement applies in many areas of life, including building a business, raising a family, or changing the world. We have hope you enjoy the video.