Planning your Isolation

30 Mar Planning your Isolation

The world seems to be pressing pause at present, in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic. We are on lockdown and the future is unclear. These are strange and uncertain times, and it isn’t unreasonable to be confused, concerned or even a little overwhelmed by at it all.

We have been told to ‘stay home’ as you know and for some this is easier than for others. If you can work from home and often do, and your employer is supporting you, it might not be that different. But for those who cannot work from home, those with children off school (with the pressure of homeschooling), those who are self-employed or on low incomes and for those who live in small homes with little outside space, it must be incredibly difficult.

The economic, social and financial impact of COVID19 is still not known. It could be still months until things are back to ‘normal.’ But let’s focus on what we can control. Self-isolating1 gives many of us time to reassess, to have a think about how we work, how we live and how we treat others. It should not be a time to withdraw, but instead a time to reflect, re-evaluate and develop.

There are always good things to come out of difficult situations.2 For instance:

  • The global lockdown has meant a massive drop in air pollution globally. The skies above parts of China have been clearing, which will save lives.3
  • The canals in Venice are running clearer and there are fish in them!4
  • Community spirit is up!
  • Help for the elderly is being more recognised.
  • We all realise how great our NHS is and have a newfound respect for it.
  • Clean hands are back in fashion!
  • Renewed bonds between family and friends.
  • Quality time spent with your loved ones (if they are not driving your crazy by now!).
  • This whole debacle will make us all more grateful for the things we once took for granted.

Have a read of the 10 ideas for staying at home and 10 Top Tips for your mental health. We hope these are useful. Change is important for all of us. We can withdraw and worry, or we can reflect, re-evaluate and develop. Keep safe, keep well and stay strong.