Introducing Trails™ Ethical

27 May Introducing Trails™ Ethical

Ethical investing is no longer just an ‘alternative.’ As populations grow and as society demands it, companies have to adapt to more sustainable models to survive. We have access to more information than ever to make responsible consumer and investment decisions.

It is possible to invest sensibly in ethical funds (also known as SRI – Socially Responsible Investments) in a well-diversified portfolio of funds, within one’s chosen risk profile, with global geographical and sector spread of risk, and achieve a positive long term returns through both capital growth and income generation.

We have produced 7 risk rated portfolios that we believe tick the boxes for those clients who wish to invest in an ethical manner, to feel good about how their money is allocated and invested to comply with ESG principles. The models comprise between 6-10 funds and 600-1000 underlying securities.

These funds hold investments a broad range of sectors, such as technology, pharmaceuticals, energy and finance. Some of the underlying companies may not be traditionally regarded as ethical options but have been identified by the fund manager as creating ‘more good than harm’ in the world. This may be down to sustainability, innovation, contributions to society or how they treat their employees and the wider community. Some of the companies held may not be perfect but are committed to improving. It is very difficult to be 100% ethical but it is possible to have the majority of your monies invested in a way that complies with ESG principles in sustainable/ green/ socially responsible/ ethical funds.

Do you want your monies invested in a way that makes an impact? TRAILS™ Ethical might be for you. Download our TRAILS™ Ethical Brochure here and speak to an adviser at Tandem Financial Ltd for more details.