Introducing your support team

17 Jun Introducing your support team

We want you not just to feel in control of your finances, but to actually take control of them – making smart, informed decisions with your money. We firmly believe that the complexities of finance can be made simple, and that life is supposed to be an adventure. Your life shouldn’t serve your finances; your finances should serve your life.

Our mission is to work “in tandem” with you to map out the financial landscape ahead, giving you clear strategies and solutions which bring order and clarity to your finances.

To help you achieve this, we would like to introduce your Tandem support team, which comprises Paul Cleworth, Kevin Smith and our newest team member Sharon Horwood. We are here to listen, ask questions, plan meticulously, explain (without using jargon) and realistically outline your options.

It’s our job to ensure you fully comprehend your goals, understand what’s realistic, know whether your plan is on track and how your money is invested and protected. In short, it’s to look after the whole spectrum of your financial concerns leaving you free to ‘dream a new dream.’

We look forward to giving you the best advice and service available, to make sure you are treated fairly and professionally and to exceed your expectations.

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