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30 Aug

Investing with peace of mind

“I probably won’t make you a killing in the stock market, but the good news is, I won’t kill you either.” This is a statement a financial adviser I know once told their client. While it may appear a bit strange seeing investing as a matter...

30 Aug

Don’t Jump: Finance Lessons from Goalkeepers

Picture the scene; it’s the finals of the Premier League tournament and your favourite team is locked in a penalty shoot-out with the other side. Your side has taken all their 5 penalty kicks and missed 1. The other side has taken 4 of theirs...

30 Aug

Financial Stress Hurts, Literally

Money worries is no fun. Financial stress has been known to have a whole host of negative effects, including a strain on our relationships and ability to give our best at work. However, a recent study has shown that financial stress can be quite painful,...