Wabi-Sabi – Japanese Wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life

24 Jan Wabi-Sabi – Japanese Wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life

New Year – New You? Its that time of year when we are making efforts to reinvent ourselves, lose weight, get more exercise, do some of those things we have not been able to achieve in previous years.

So this little book is just perfect for giving you a new perspective on yourself. Wabi-Sabi is focused on the Buddhist teaching of acceptance of imperfection.

“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.”

Beth Kempton is a ‘self-help’ author who has a masters degree in Japanese and has spent many years working and living in Japan. She certainly appears to know and understand Japanese culture and explains it in terms that we can all understand and appreciate.

Beth has included a lot of stories about her life in Japan and spends some time describing the Japanese Tea Drinking ceremony and how this ritual connects with wabi-sabi.

The book includes exercises you can do and quotes to inspire a new way of thinking, for example, “we are so busy trying to get up the hill that we have forgotten to turn around and look at the beauty of all that lies around us.”

She also advocates connecting with nature; ‘forest bathing’ may be a term you do not immediately relate to, yet walking in areas with trees if not whole forest’s does provide proven health benefits.

Mindfulness and connecting with nature is a theme that resonates with a lot of people. Maybe we are trying to cram too much into our lives and need to learn how to ‘just be’. We can certainly all learn how to slow down and bring calmness and serenity to our everyday life – if only for a while.

If you feel you would like to learn more about the benefits of living a perfectly imperfect life, then this book is worth a read.