The Little Book of Behavioural Investing

22 Nov The Little Book of Behavioural Investing

Many people have heard the term ‘Investor Sentiment,’ but do you think it applies to you?

Investors tend to invest new money when the market is going up and withdraw money when it falls. Logic will tell you that this action could create a loss, yet people do it anyway. Why is that?

The Little Book of Behavioural Investing, or how not to be your own worst enemy, looks at the most common behavioural traits in investors. In his new book, James Monitor uses anecdotal stories and studies to show you how you can understand why you react as you do and employ new strategies to help you to achieve better returns.

Well written and easy to read, James provides a brief set of behavioural biases and encourages you to set your investment principals and then stick to them.

James Montier is an Investment Strategist at US asset manager GMO. He has written books on behavioural investing and is an advocate for “never underestimating the power of doing nothing.”

“There is not an investor anywhere who wouldn’t profit from reading this book,” Jeff Hochman, Director of Technical Strategy, Fidelity Investment Services Limited.

“James Montier gives us a very accessible version of why we as investors are so predictably irrational, and a guide to help us channel our ‘Inner Spock’ to make better investment decisions. Bravo!” John Mauldin, President Millennium Wave Investments.