Fast Asleep – How to get a really good night’s rest

24 Mar Fast Asleep – How to get a really good night’s rest

With everything going on in the news, many people are struggling with anxiety, restiveness and poor sleep. It’s hard enough sometimes to get quality rest during good times, so how do you achieve this when the storm clouds are gathering?

In this fascinating book by Michael Mosley, Fast Asleep provides some compelling answers, as well as some much-needed insights into how sleep and rest work.

“There are surprising and highly effective ways to improve your sleep quality.”

Michael positions himself uniquely for this subject, as a sufferer of insomnia over the last 20 years. He offers a sympathetic and compassionate perspective, which is also powered by scientific study.

The book is sprinkled with illuminating “sleep adventures” which sometimes make amusing reading. Most importantly, however, he offers a sleep programme of practical steps to improve the quality of your rest, aiming to “set you on a better path” within “a few weeks.”

What is especially useful are the tips for specific groups of sleep-deprived people, such as practical steps for teenagers, people working night shifts and those who are jet lag prone.

The essential idea of Mosley’s programme is to “reboot the brain” by gradually adjusting your sleep patterns. It helps you to avoid the big problem most restless sleepers face: lying awake in bed, worrying and feeling stressed about your lack of sleep.

Michael also offers some great help on the subject of diet; another key component in a person’s quality of sleep. We’re especially keen to try some of the recipes he suggests!